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Here at Immanuel, as members of the W.E.L.S. (Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod),  we believe:


-The Bible is the inspired Word of God and without error.

-We believe in the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

-Humankind is totally corrupt, dead in sin and doomed to condemnation by itself.

-God, out of love, took pity on us and sent his Son to be our Savior.

-Jesus Christ became true man, by virgin birth, to live and die for us and so set us free from sin.

-Forgiveness of sins and eternal life are freely given to us through faith in Jesus as our Savior. We cannot obtain them by anything that we do.

-God the Holy Spirit uses the Good News of this message to create that faith and change lives.

-There is More Joy Than Guilt in the Bible, because God loves us even though we don't deserve it!

-This JOY is ours through faith in Jesus as our Savior!




Pastor Matthew Minzlaff accepted Immanuel’s Call to be our full time pastor and was installed in January 27, 2019. Please keep Pastor Minzlaff, his wife Melissa, and their daughter Sophia, in your prayers.

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