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The first worship service at Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church was held on march 16, 1930 with the Rev. Alfred mass conducting the service in a vacant store building on East Lake Street in South Lyon. Pastor Mass was the resident pastor of St. John's Lutheran in Northfield, MI.


Within a few weeks, plans were begun for a chapel to be built on East Liberty Street.  By means of a pre-fabricated church building supplied by the Sears-Roebuck Company, Immanuel's first church building was able to be completed so rapidly that the dedication service was held on June 29, 1930, only 15 week after the first service.  Both the East Liberty Street land and the chapel were donated by Mr. and Mrs. George Shear. Immanuel is honored that this first church now sits intact as an historic building in McHattie Park in South Lyon.  A belfry was added to the church in 1931 and dedicated on June 18.


Until 1961 Immanuel was served as a dual parish with St. John's of Northfield. Pastor Mass served until he accepted a call to Sodus, Michigan in 1952. Pastor Alfred Walther accepted the call to serve the dual parishes, and served until the summer of 1959.  During the latter part of his ministry, plans were begun for a new church to be built adjacent to the first chapel.  The ground breking service for the new church was held on October 25, 1956, and at a cost of $25,000 with seating for 145 persons, the new church was dedicated on September 8, 1957.


In 1959, Pastor Walther accepted a call and was followed by Pastor Raymond Frey.  Pastor Frey served the dual parish of St. John's and Immanuel unil July of 1961.  On July 16 CRM (candidate for the holy ministry) Frederick Jungkuntz was ordained and installed as the first full time pastor of Immanuel. He served until accepting a call to St. Paul's in Saginaw in 1964.


On October 18, 1964, Pastor George Tiefel, Jr. was installed.  Pastor Tiefel had been serving a tri-parish in South Dalota until his arrival in South Lyon.  Pastor Tiefel also served as chaplain for the Martin Luther Memorial Home located just south of the church.  Pastor Tiefel served in that position for more than 29 years.


In June of 1965 the congregation purchased its first parsonage on East Lake street.  A new Moeller pipe organ was dedicaredd in a special seervice in 1971.  In 1974 Immanuel purchased property and a home just east of the Parish Hall to provide space for Sunday school, Bible Classes and meetings.  It served the congregation until it was taken down in 1993 due to extensive repair work needed.  Surprisingly, a tombstone dating from 1886 was found in the rubble during demolition of the house.


In 1980 Immanuel was privileged to celebrate 50 years of God's grace as a congregation with special services held in March, June and September,  Then in 1994 stained glass windows were dedicated to the glory of God beautifying the chancel of the church.


Beginning in 1996, plans were made for an addition to the church building.  In June of 1998, ground ws broken to add much needed Sunday School, meeting and felowship space for th church.  On May 16, 1999, the addition was completed and dedicated.  


After serving the congregation for more than  40 years, Pastor George Tiefel, Jr. retired in August of 2005.  Pastor Scott J. Miller, who had been serving in South Dakota, accepted the call to serve Immanuel and was installed in a special service on January 8, 2006.


In 2008, the congregation was blessed to be able to purchase the home next to the church to serve as its parsonage.  It was dedicated on October 12, and Pastor Miller was able to move "right next door."  


The members of Immanuel are grateful to God for the over 80 years of grace and blessings that He has showered upon them.

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